Anne LaMott - Small Victories

I took my mom to see Anne LaMott on Wednesday for her birthday.  It was a spur of the moment decision to buy the tickets and then they came with a copy of her book so it made it an easier decision.  It was lovely.  We had a nice dinner just the two of us and then walked a few blocks to a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright church.  There were about 800 of us.  I couldn't believe how many people were there.  She is hilarious and so honest.  She has no filter.  She said it was all because of age that she doesn't care anymore what people think of her.  I love her frankness.  You know where she stands.  she stopped in the middle of speaking to see if someone in one of the front rows would clean her glasses.  She said, "you know how that is." and then once they were cleaned, "ahh, that is so much better, thanks."  Her book, "Small Victories" is all about how there are so many moments of grace to be enjoyed in our lives.  She took us through the history of how the book came to be.  The process by which it evolved.  So interesting.  She said that crying waters the earth and who knows what seed a bird has dropped that you might be watering.  I love that.  Then someone asked her what seed might be waiting to sprout and she said she didn't know.  She was so honest that she had no idea what was next.  She said she knows what is happening in November and then after that... no idea!  Ha, I love that to.

Awkward picture of me and her.  I told her it was my mom's birthday and she drew a birthday cake with a candle in my mom's book.  I love you Anne LaMott.  Thanks for putting yourself out there.  Thanks for seeing the beauty in the everyday and talking about it.  Thanks for making prayer so simple.



The best laid plans

Guess who had a CRAZY weekend??  Me!  F ended up in the hospital for croup this weekend.  We went to urgent care after he woke up sounding like a seal.  But I have been down this road before.  I know what croup is.  I also know that we can usually get through.  I had this feeling though in my gut that said tonight is not going to be very good.  Take him in.  I am glad that I did but... we had to be transported from urgent care to the hospital!  UGH!!!  Nothing like an end of the year trip to max the deductible!  Oh well, i guess I am glad I have insurance.  F is doing much better.  We were released after 14 hours.  We slept there, he ate 2 meals there.  We were in isolation.  Luckily the hospital was very quiet.  I am so very grateful for my family's and my health.  I do not take it for granted.  I am so thankful for the nurses and doctors at Children's Mercy.  They are amazing!  F was not scared.  He feels better.  Thank god!

I stayed home with him and cleaned a bit, played a bit.  It was a good day.  he is at school.  Life is good.  Going to the zoo this weekend for a sleepover with my brownie troop this weekend.  We are sleeping right beside the Polar bears.  It should make for an interesting time.  Hopefully it won't be too cold.  We had a meeting last night.  We made 40 care packages for a homeless ministry.  I had parents bring socks, hand sanitizers and kleenexes.  i bought a lot of 30 travel deodorants.  And we got 2 dentists to donate dental kits.  I will deliver to the ministry next Monday.  happy we were able to do that.

How are my goals, you ask?  Well,  I played in the backyard yesterday.  I have not walked.  YIKES!  I thought about them alot but that doesn't count does it?

i hate excuses and so I won't make any.  I will just keep trying.


happy Friday!

Well folks another week in the books!  Only 6 more weeks until the end of the year.  Only 9 more weeks until my 43rd birthday.  That feels like a good amount of time to get something done.  I am all about productivity in my personal life.  I am feeling brave today.  How about a 63 day hustle until my birthday?  What will the goals be???

Physical activity - I will walk or run every day!!!  That is a fierce one, but seriously if I write walk or run, I can do this.  I need to do this.  I was able to lower my cholesterol a decent amount with diet alone from my last test.  I haven't gained or lost any weight in 2 years.(big deal, but...) I am not satisfied with my current body state, mostly from a muscle stand point.  Plus it is much colder now, so of course lets pick this time to make sure i go outside!  (Sarcastically said!  There needs to be a font for sarcasm otherwise it will be a lost art!  You know we are headed towards not actually talking to people anymore!  From now on, my sarcasm font will be italicized!)

House Activity - I will finish the stairwell including the railing that I purchased at ReStore.  I will also paint my kitchen walls and organize the pantry.  (see how I did that?  now you know that I think the use of that word when referring the baker's rack in my kitchen is pretty humorous!!)  Finish bathroom hole and rewire the GFCI.  replace the pipes coming out of the kid's bathroom sink, this sink is barely draining right now and this is a PROBLEM!!

Creative Activity - I will finish the god forsaken poofs.  I will also finish my latest bag idea.  I will continue to only go from my stash and not buy any new items.  I have to plan a group craft for my women's retreat at the end of January.  I will start to experiment and research so that I am not left stressed out right before.

Blog Activity - I will document the process here.   i will try to capture pictures of the process.  (that is the hardest part!)

What do you think?  Doable?  I think so and actually I am quite excited about this!

the talk with my oldest went very well.  I am so happy I shared on here and with a couple of my friends that I was going to do it.  The more I discussed, the better it sounded.  I also got some sound advice from friends.  It made me remember my 6th grade self and I was able to share with her what I thought during that time.  I hope it is good.  I did most of the talking.  But my goal was to OPEN dialogue.  I am pretty sure I did just that!

have a fabulous weekend!  We are supposed to get SNOW!!!  Yes, SNOW!!!  People it is only November 14!  Oh well, guess I get to start making fires!  YAY!!!  Basketball, volleyball and choir this weekend with a good dose of DIY when I go to fix that drain!  I will keep you posted!

another shot of the veteran's program!


A conversation to be had with my 11 year old girl

oh my soul, how I have avoided the inevitable.  She can't be at the age where she has to think about grown up things.  That would mean she is growing up!  I did what you are supposed to do last year, I took her to a class about growing up.  It was taught by a nurse practitioner.  She was so informative.  She used all of the correct words.  The nurse talked about hormones and menstruation.  She demonstrated tampons and pads.  All those necessary life lessons that only us females have the privilege of understanding.  I felt ahead of the game.

My girl would even say her outburst was because she was on an emotional roller coaster.  We haven't had to put any of it into practice but I feel like she is prepared.  She feels ahead of the game.  I have kept the dialogue open.  She didn't ask any other questions.  We never got to the boy/girl thing, you know... SEX.  But it has kept nagging at me that i better get on it before it was too late.  Well, my friends I am doing it.  I am having the talk with her tonight!  She was at the skating rink yesterday with friends from school.  Her friend had a boy come up to her and ask for her phone number.  Then he walked off, embarrassed but they immediately started to text each other.  They didn't even ask each other what their names were???  I am horrified by the communication style but that is a whole other post!  It got me thinking about my own 6th grade self.  How I had a boyfriend for 6 months in the 6th grade!  Did I tell my parents?  I don't think so.  We were so innocent.  We held hands on the bus ride to Wichita for our honor band trip.  I think we picked each other because we both knew holding hands was going to be the limit.  I had friends though who were kissing and touching.  I can only imagine that it must be the same for her.  She hasn't really have the opportunity yet but...  She will and it is going to happen soon.  I need to prepare her so that she isn't shocked and surprised which will cause her to get caught off guard.   I don't want that.  I want her to be smart and know what she wants.  But oh man... I have to talk to her about SEX!!!  Wish me luck!  I will let you know how it goes!



What I did/will do this week

Wow!  I am back.  Got the cold this week.  It wasn't absolutely awful but it put a damper on any extra activities.  I did give myself a day off from everything.  I laid in bed and watched some old movie with Ashley Judd and wolverine.  It was nice to just flip around and not do much of anything.

Sorry about being MIA this week.  I have been thinking about the blog a great deal.

So today I am going to start a new series that I would like to repeat each week called, "What I did/will do this week!"

So here goes.  last weekend, i cleaned the gutters out and also used a chain saw for the first time.  It was really cool to feel such power.  I was slightly frightened that I might slip and chop my foot off or something so I was cautious.  I was able to take out the front bushes in no time flat.  It went from looking like this.

To looking like this.

I like it much better just because the bushes were way over grown and not that great.  but... we need to figure out what we are going to do to soften it up now.  I moved the bench.  We also need to replace that basement window as it leaks when the gutter well gets filled.  We need to make the gutter well higher as well if that is possible.  I cleaned the gutters but the next day they were overflowing with leaves again!  it is crazy, you just can't keep up.  no wonder they overflow!

This past weekend we went to family thanksgiving dinner at my in laws.  They are in their late 70's and early 80's.  Age is starting to catch up to them.  Then we stayed home the rest of the weekend.  I can see the top of my kitchen counter as I took back control over the papers!  I am vowing to not let it get that way again.  NO CLUTTER!!  I also had some help and the girls and I ripped up their egg crate foam rubber from their beds(we got new mattresses!) so that I have filler for their poofs.  Now to make the poofs.  

We also had the best program at the elementary this week honoring veterans.  Loved it!  

What about you?  What have you been up to?  What do you think I should do to the front of my house?  I would love to hear your ideas!

Happy Happy Monday!



Day 31 - Did I figure it out?

Well... I am sure you know the answer.  NO!  But... I am so much closer than if I hadn't written and done what I did this month.  I have figured out that I want to do this thing called handmade.  I really am open to the opportunities.  I will be stocking my shop.  It won't be much at first but I will do this.

The second thing, is that I keep learning the same lessons from different sources, hmmm... do you think someone is trying to tell me something?  I just reread all of my posts of this past month.  They all say the same thing.


Sorry to yell.  You know how frustrating it is when you have to tell your kid like 12 times to do something and then you go up to check on them and they are STILL not doing it??  Well that is how is must be to be my friend!

I am all about forgiveness, truly I am.  So I think sometimes I am too generous with grace for myself.  I am also very practical so I understand why I am not as far as I would like to be in my journey to satisfaction, but...  I also am frustrated by my SLOW pace.

I have some goals for the next few months.

Put at least one item in my Etsy shop. (by December 1)

Paint my kitchen and change it right now for the better.  It is way to frequent of a room to not do something now.  The big changes won't be happening for a while so do something now.

Paint bedroom.

Paint guest bathroom.

Clear out my garage so that I am not hounded with projects that I haven't done yet but need to do.  If I haven't re done the 2 chairs(queen and mid century) by big trash day in May then they will be thrown out.  (recirculated)

Do the projects in the garage before buying/acquiring more junk to do more projects!!! Speaking of projects...  Look what I found at the REstore yesterday??

To be continued!  You know the stairwell railing that I talked about here?  Well this might work.  So another project but when you see an exact replica of what you need at REstore for $30 you go for it!!  I had to drive it straight home because it stuck out the side of my window.  So now I must stop going to the REstore until I have this done.  Also, no more light fixtures or chairs allowed.  Otherwise I might have to try out for hoarders soon!!  ACTION!!

REDo light fixtures and see if Tam will sell them at shop or list in Esty.  (December 1)

Decorate for all of the holidays.  F is 4 and he gets so excited by this.  The girls love it too.  So even if it doesn't come out perfect, do it anyway!  The spider web out front is a great example of how awesome it is when you just do it!

Start a schedule with blogging.   I am thinking that I can commit to 3 times a week.  One of those days will be a check up with where we are at, one of those will be a project that I am documenting and the third will most likely be a link up with what I am finding interesting in Blogland.

What do you think?  I think I can do most of this.  I think I am being specific enough.

I am getting a much clearer image of what I want all of this to look like.  I feel like it is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  I may have the frame in place.  Most of it at least.  I am getting most of the pieces sorted and now I can figure out which part of the puzzle needs my focus.  I will treat each area of life (work, house, mom(being one), dream job) like a part of the puzzle and focus and work on that part until I have the pieces that I know in place.  Then I will continue to look at the main big picture to see how they all fit together.  Wow,  pretty profound for a FRIDAY!!!

ACTION!  This is my new mantra.

Happy Friday by the way!  happy Halloween!  I will share costume pics on Monday!

Thanks for sticking with me.  I promise to become less of the annoying child and more of the ACTION person!



Day 29 - Wow!

So I have found a new blog crush!  Her name is Elise and this is her blog.  I haven't found one in a while that was so good.  I have been devouring her words and listening to her podcasts even in the car.  I feel like she is speaking to me.

some of her wisdom...

"Getting caught up in the small stuff is a really great way to procrastinate the big stuff and to NEVER move forward"  WHAT??  that is exactly what I do.  I also get caught up in the big stuff and let it overwhelm me into doing nothing.  She talks about this too.  When she was trying to figure out podcasts.  She thought and thought about it.  Then she stopped and just recorded one.  Then she figured out how to post it.  Now she has 33 podcasts to choose from!  I love this take action philosophy.  She did a talk about what she is passionate about at World Domination Summit.  I listened to that.  and seriously... she is talking to me!

It has really got me thinking that I need to quit thinking so much, and start to take more action.

So here is to the rest of my life...  taking more action.

Oh and did you hear???  The Royals won game 6 of the World Series!  WE are in Game 7 tonight!