Well we are in the full swing of summer!  Next week is 4th of July!  What?  I can't even believe all that has happened in the past 3 months.  Crazy. stuff. is going on.  K got a job!  Woo to the hoo!  he starts today as an account executive for a local tv station.  he is so excited and i am so excited!!!

My boss quit?  WHAT?  now what?  We are still figuring it out and it has been an emotional page turner.  I kept thinking I would write this when it was all settled but it started in April and it is still not settled.

I am looking reluctantly for a baby sitter.  Why reluctantly?  Well because I hate to give that job to anyone.  I will find the right person i just know it.

Our church dissolved.  We sold to a school and disintegrated.  It was very sad and final.  I didn't like the end at all.  I wish I had left early but I had to stick it out.  I cried, my kids cried.  It was very much like something had died.

So life is new and we are figuring it out.  I have been working hard on my house.  Mostly the yard and front door area.  I painted the front door, "Neon Red".  What a terrible name for a paint.  I almost didn't pick it because of the name but it was the right red.  It was a Valspar color that i got at Ace.  Primer and paint in one in a satin finish.  I LOVE IT!!!

I will keep you posted.  Summer is rolling and I am rolling with it! -W


Big Trash Day

Last Friday/Saturday was my favorite day of the whole year!  Big Trash Day!  It started on Thursday night with people putting various things out.  It should be called bring out the weirdos, trailers and trollers day.  We have this day once a year and you can put out just about anything for the trash people.  It is awesome because usually only the bad scrap wood gets actually thrown away.  More often you put it out and a big trailer with someone comes up slowly within minutes and puts it in their trailer.  K said they should have a helicopter over head telling them who/where the interesting thing that just got put out is.  Then the trailer could race over after the call.  It is hilarious to watch.  We put out our rusted out grill and within one minute, ONE MINUTE, it was gone.  I think it is mostly metal scrapers but I also have brought home a treasure or two on this day.  My ultimate dream day is to be totally free with a pick up on this day and go trash picking to my heart's content.  I found this year, 3 things.  2 chairs and a glass lamp.  One chair I have redone already(love!)  The other is sitting in my garage and I vow it will not sit there all year.

in progress

So, What do you think?  I love it.  I need a red outdoor pillow to finish the look.  Pretty good for FREE though!!  This was structurally in great shape just needed some brushing, cleaning, sanding and painting.  Then I sanded again and also dry brushed some stain and off white paint.  
My picture placement on my blog sucks, BTW.  Sorry!


Funny things...

yesterday, Lida was making a chart of her "jobs".  This included her room cleaning chores, homework duties and hobbies.  She is determined to stick to a schedule and who among us doesn't love a list with check boxes??  She and i are very much alike in that way.  anyway, she wanted all of her charts to be the same number of items so she was trying to come up with another topic for homework.  math, reading, spelling, science, and EJ says, "Hearing"  ha!  Lida is having a problem lately with selective hearing/listening.  She wants to know everything.  everything.  So much so that if she is several rooms away and hears the hint of anything she will come racing out and ask what.  But the most annoying is when she is sitting right there but only hears the end of the sentence and wants us to repeat the whole thing.  I swear she does it on purpose.  it is really hard to be patient when it happens like 20 times in a 3 hour spread.  So the hearing thing, well I laughed out loud which of course she did not appreciate.  She got over it and we came up with Writing, duh.

Monday, I took all three kiddos to the dentist.  My dentist is great.  We all even have the same appointment.  I sit and get my teeth cleaned while Lida and Foster(in one room) and EJ all get teeth cleaned.  A dream!  They were great.  I bribed them with a Sonic shake if everyone was good.  And they were.  When we came out of the office, EJ says, "Sounds like the car is on."  And what do you know?  I left my car running for the whole appointment?  I couldn't even speak because all I could think about was the waste, the fact that I hope it was locked and how did that even happen?(Altima's have the key free thing where if the keys are in your purse, it works so I guess you can take them away as well?  But does it lock??)

It was definitely a blond moment!  Or a God moment?  Someone is looking out for me!  I swear!
So sweet how she takes care of her brother, ALWAYS!!

Love these moments even if they are crazy.



Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We went to the local St. Patty's Parade on Saturday.  It is called the "Warm-up Parade".  it was SOOO nice out.  not sure I have ever seen it with so many people there.  Loved the camaraderie of the city with the nice policeman who was keeping my kids safe but at the same time, loving on them by giving them candy that was out of reach.  (So they can't throw candy from the floats anymore.  People have to come to the crowd with it.  I am sure someone sometime sued so now it is the new rule.)  To the families all around us with their kids.  Everyone looking out for everyone else.  Lots of fun.  It was very nice.  Fun and loud without being too crazy or unsafe feeling.

Can you see how far it goes with lines and lines of people on the sides of the road??  Nuts how many people were there but very controlled.

Spring break is this week.  We are at home.  I am at work.  Last year, we went to Florida.  it was so nice.  Kind of a bummer to not be able to plan something.  At least we have fun things like this right in our neighborhood to enjoy!


Easy Peanut Slaw!

Didn't take any pictures but Trader Joes changed my life this weekend!  We always anxiously go to the sample section and try out whatever they are serving.  On Friday, it was Peanut Slaw.  They sell the delicious and slightly spicy Peanut vinaigrette.  You mix it with Broccoli Slaw, peanuts and dried berries(we used cranberries because that is what we always have).  It is so easy and you want to eat a whole plateful.  not just a side dish!  I also add argula because I love the peppery taste of the this green.  YUMMO!!  Easiest dinner/salad ever!  Try it, you won't be sorry!


Update from me

I am in a rut!

Instead of being inspired at the beginning of the year, I have been overwhelmed trying to figure it all out.  Does that happen to anyone else?

I can not get out of bed early to exercise.

I can not figure out what goals I want to write down as THE goals.

I can not imagine what next month will look like let alone this summer.

We are living in the land of the unknown.  (of course that is always true)  K is looking for a job.  He has been looking for almost a year.

It is convenient to have him home when someone is sick or school is cancelled for the weather.  But...

This is not what we had thought it would be.  I have been waiting, quite patiently(I might add) for the next thing to happen.  I am still waiting.  So I am sorry that i haven't been faithfully posting.  Not much lately that I have felt inspired to be "blog worthy".  truthfully, the every day just isn't what I was hoping for.

I feel very ungrateful stating all of this and probably why I haven't written.

I am so grateful for my health, my beautiful healthy children, our warm house, our full bellies, my faith in God, my ability to provide for my family.  All of these blessings, I do not take lightly.

I am looking for the light that gets me going.  i want some inspiration and lightness.  I feel a burden right now, holding it all together.  K is a big help but I would so like to feel my burden lightened.  My focus is on money so often, and I really really dislike money.  This feeling is paralyzing.  There is a part of me that watches it all and says, "why do more towards any of it, it doesn't matter, it is not changing."  My words are making me ill.  I don't accept this attitude from anyone else why am I allowing it from myself.  Let alone typing it for all the world to see?

So in light of all of that, I hope you understand my absence.  I do keep up with other very inspiring blogs.

nester - I choose slow  She has a way of making you see things from a new perspective.  I really appreciate this about her current house and how things have to stay undone or slowly done for a while.
Whatever - I love this blogger. She inspires me to be the best me, not her.
Shannan's unique sense of humor is great. love her thoughts on faith in every day life.
Kara Tippett's blog about faith, parenting and her struggle with Cancer is an inspiring tale and always gives me great perspective. She is so full of grace and peace.
Ashley's story is so intriguing. She is getting ready to move cross country in her quest for life.
Edie's recipes, decorating, I love!
My dear friend Lee who so captures what it is like to struggle with ourselves even now.

These women keep me going.  I think of them as my friends even though only one of them is in real life.

I pray and will continue to do so.  I know my time is coming.  I know this time of calm and uncertainty is there to make the rest of it even sweeter.

happy Friday!  happy Spring!



snow and other news

We are on snow day number 3 in KC!  It is beautiful and very cold.

K built a snow hill in our front yard.  it uses the slope of our yard to go over 3 bumps with the saucer sled.  Thank goodness!  The kids went to bed before 8 last night because they were so worn out from it.  Now that we have 5 more days until school(tomorrow was already off for a conference day!) they will have something to occupy their time.  And it is not the Disney channel!

So I watched the big finale of the Biggest Loser last night.  I knew who had "won" because of the public outcry of worry for Rachel.  I have to say that she looked scary thin. But so did many of the contestants.  So does many of the people who we watch on TV every day.  Do I prefer to watch someone with skinny arms and great legs on TV.  NO.  I prefer to watch a vibrant personality.  I prefer to listen to a pleasant voice.  I like to relate to the character because of their quirks.  I have watched the Biggest Loser for 4 seasons now.  The fast weight loss is shocking.  The weigh ins always make me uncomfortable.  I am not sure whether I will continue or not.  It is a motivating show for me but I have to say this last one.  I didn't like the end.  I like the stories.  I like the people and the whys of the show.  I like the trainers and how they take time to sit down and talk to the people and find out what the heck is really going on.  I don't like the weigh ins. I dont like the silly challenges.  I don't like the sponsored bits.  I like how positive it is.  not sure if I will give it up.
Enjoy the sunset from the midwest.  Sorry to not post for so long.  I am really searching for my blogging motivation lately.  I am trying to understand my long game.  I am really good at the short game but i need to improve my long game.  Have an awesome day!  -W