Day 20! Wow how this month has flown by!

So we had some bizarro flu bug at our house which consisted of 24 hours of a fever and that is it!  I will take it.  only 2 have had it so far.  I hoping to skip it with all the rest.

Jampacked weekend!  We were able to get winter coats, new cozy boots(ugg style from Costco for only $30!), go to a pancake breakfast and donate coats, soccer, bowling, nurse sick ones, then last volleyball of this session followed by making a gigantic spider web in the front yard.

I read about this idea on hgtv and thought about it all weekend until Sunday afternoon.  Then I found some white yarn and our tent stakes and went to work.  It took me about 2 hours but it was strangely satisfying and therapeutic.  I could have easily stopped after an hour but I wanted to reinforce and ad more cross webs.  Also, I had some white Christmas lights that I hadn't even opened. I put those up to accent the web.  Some neighbors stopped by and said another neighbor had done something similar but set up a black light to accent it at night.  I might try to rig that up.  That would be cool!  My kids were very excited by my efforts.  I am thinking of also making a giant black spider for the center.  i have 2 large ones already but you really can't see them too well.  Best thing?  it didn't cost me any money!!! Woot woot!  I am hoping that it sticks around for the next 2 weeks and that some adventurous squirrel or boy try to climb it!

Read my books and finished a duvet cover that I made from sheets so that I could wash it.  I had hurriedly made it for a guest and not finished or top stitched it.  Now it is finished and top stitched.  I also spray painted a mirror.  I am almost ready with my items for my stairwell gallery.  

Great weekend!  So excited for Monday, NOT but I will live!  -W


Day 17

Happy Friday!  I love Fridays.  I love the feeling that I get like I get to start fresh with a break.  I would love to extend this feeling into the whole week.  I love Saturdays too but there is just something about a Friday!  So today, I went to work early with great intentions to start early and finish early.  I procrastinated then I got a call from the school nurse.  EJ is not feeling well.  have to go get her and work from home.  Change of plans, but... it turned out ok.  I am still working.  My girl got a nap and is feeling much better.  My babysitter is here and I am able to get some work done.  All is well.  I would like to have felt better about the morning but oh well... then there is grace!

Again Lil Blue Boo, so good!  She is not afraid to take risks.  I guess that is what a near death experience will do for you.  Not even sure I would call it an experience.  She was very very close to death and she fought and so far is winning.  So I guess now when she is making choices, she doesn't have to manufacture a sense of urgency.  She got her wake up call.  She and her family moved across the country to live at an inn so she could write and her husband could do something else too.  It is a very interesting experience to read.  I love her blog.  I love her walk with God.  It feels very similar to mine.  I am amazed by these other woman that I "know" through blogville.

On Wednesday at volleyball practice, I was in the church surrounded by beautiful music and stained glass.  I felt god there.  I am seeing him a lot lately.

have a great weekend!




I am psyched that the Royals are going to the World Series!  It has made such a positive impact to our city!  I watched the game on my phone yesterday during volleyball and was giving the play by play.  When they got the last out, I let out a scream and jumped up and down.  All the girls came over and watched the celebration on my phone.  I hope they remember that moment.  I know I will.

Lately, I am surrounded by things that could be for me.  Crisis.  At the edge ready for something different and trying to figure out if they are ready for something different.  Circumstances that could easily be mine, have been mine.  God things all over the place.  I see them for everyone else.  But I am not as good recognizing them for myself.





love this! Lil Blue Boo is the bomb!

Do you find it so hard to have hope and think about your goals and not wish it all away?  I definitely find myself doing that.  I know it is all in the "journey" and not the destination.  I think that in order for me to be able to focus on the moments that happen in today, I need to know where I am going somewhat.  At least a rough sketch of it.  That is what I am hoping to know by December 1.  Now I am feeling some pressure to figure it out as well.  Probably a good thing.  Even if it is self imposed.

Big topics, heavy thinking.  Sewed(really mended) last night.  read from a book called etsy-preneurship  it is very practical about how to track inventory and expenses and do the general business side of creative business.  What I like about all of this, is that I am not completely scared off by it.  A couple of months ago, I was reading every book I could find about flipping houses.  That actually scared me off of thinking I could do that full time.  So this is feeling more right to me.

Tootle Loo!



Day 14 - "I too just realized that I was living in a shadow, staying safe, not risking."

...since we came up from the dark.  I too just realized that I was living in a shadow, staying safe, not risking.  It feels good to feel and to be scared for good reasons.  (this is a comment I made on a blog in April).  Am I still there in the shadows waiting for it to HAPPEN to me?  What If I watched someone else doing this?  What would I say to them?  What would I encourage?  Every day I want to be genuine and proud of what I am.

This is from my journal.  This is me.  Waiting.  being patient for SOMETHING to happen.  Good or bad.  Have I become complacent?  Comfortable with just living through my kids?  What do they see?  I went to a celebration for "Day of the Dead" at a local art center.  A woman(fellow mom) and I were talking about how we both were inspired by the art on the walls.  That we both wanted to do something about it.  I told her about the tole painting on my mom's wall of the strawberries.  i remember as a kid thinking, wow, my mom is good.  but then I remember later thinking why did she stop?  She also macrame d plant hangings, crocheted, knitted, sewed.  So much.  What happened?  Why did she stop?  I am sure it was life that got in the way.  Also, she started to work full time and just probably ran out of time for that kind of thing.  It makes me sad.  i don't want that to be my story in 5-10-15 years.

I don't want my hobby to be TV!  I must continue to work and do in the spare moments.  I am making progress but I can't stop because I don't have time.  I have to make time.

Last night as F was being put to bed by K(Yay!)  I cleaned up the bathroom some more.  I hung the shower curtain.  I hung the towel hanger that I got from IKEA.  I scraped more paint drips from the tile.  I took a couple of After pictures this morning.  I think i decided if this mirror is going to be in this bathroom it needs to be painted.  What do you think?
In person, I want to paint it.  in the picture, not so sure.
IKEA towel rack.  Works pretty well.  Impressed with the quality and I got it to attach to the wall on the first try without making huge holes in the drywall.  YAY!!

Still want to do something to the medicine cabinet.  Maybe just new handles?  I think it should be one face not 2 doors but not sure.  What do you think?

See my $5 clock from Savers!  Love it because it ties in with the 50's vibe.  
 Problem corner.  what to do?  Fix the hole for starters.  Get bigger covers so the drywall hole doesnt show behind the light switches and somehow make the tooth brush cord go away!
you can barely see how poorly I mudded this corner.  i will be doing it some more to get a smoother surface but I am waiting until I patch the hole.  Soon.  

So that is my current "after", what do you think?  I think it is improved but has miles to go.  just like me!



Bathroom redo - Days 11 and 12

For the longest time, I have stared at my bathroom while seated :) and thought about how to make it better.  It is TINY!  We came from a house that only had one bathroom for all 5 of us, so the fact that our master bathroom was so small that you have to lift the toilet seat to shut the door, well... it was MY bathroom so I didn't really care.  I am starting to care.  So this weekend, I thought I am stripping off that wall paper and painting that room today.  No more thinking only doing!  The following pictures show what it was before we moved in.

Then I took down the glass shower door.  Took off the seat cover!  What you can't see are the frilly light covers.  I wish you could see how bad they were.  Tried to fill in the bumpy wall.  This is when I started to see that almost every wall in my house was covered with WALLPAPER!!

Then I changed the mirror.
then I painted the vanity and changed knobs.
Which brings me to yesterday.  Well.  I tried to strip the wallpaper but it was terrible!

I knew I was in for much trouble if I kept going.    So I got out the drywall mud and went to work spackling my paper tears.  I figure some day I will do a full reno on this bathroom including redoing the tile so I will wait until then to redo the drywall.  It was amazing how much room there was without the door.  My next project in here will be to change the swing to go out into our room.
I wanted to get rid of this bulky towel holder and replace it with something sleeker.  It was embedded into the wall!  I am sure they wanted to match what is in the shower so they used ceramic but JEEZ!

That hole repair is going to take some doing.  I was able to mud the other side but not sure about this hole yet so it is still there.  Sigh...

here it is before paint after mudding.  I sanded and before I did that, I put the door back on.  I also wore a mask.  I was covered with drywall dust from head to toe.  Everything in the room was as well.  yikes, someday when we do a big renovation, I do not look forward to this kind of dust!

While i was messing with it, I decided to put in a GFCI plug.  It was really as simple as turning the power off, unscrewing the old plug, taking the wires out of the old plug, putting them into the new plug and then shoving hard back into the wall.  It turns out that I got the Line and Load wires mixed up so I made the next receptacle not work.  But no sweat to fix, (just switch the wires!).  Really it was EASY!
Then I removed the brass fixtures.  Took them out side and spray painted them.  I like them, OK.  Not 100% yet.  I am trying so hard not to buy something new here but I may have to.

Then I put everything back in the room just in the nick of time to be able to brush my teeth before going to bed on Sunday night.  I painted the walls, Owl gray.  I will take more pics tonight with everything back in the room.  I am far from done but I guess closer than I was??  I wish I had skipped the whole try to remove wallpaper stage.  I could have been a lot further.  Oh well such is life when you are DIY'ing it!  Stay tuned!!!

I did not sew this weekend.  I did read my books.  I also was able to the get the laundry done and go to a soccer game and a girl scout field trip!  I am feeling pretty productive.  K helped by cooking dinner last night!  Lasagna!  YUMMO!!  I will post the most recent progress so you can see the painted walls and the mirror back in place.  It is making me question the mirror.  Just not sure.  This bathroom has such a 50's vibe which I don't mind.  I like the circle sinks and cool exhaust fan.  Just need to make it even cooler.  The one thing that I will wait on(I think) is the hideous floor.  I think i want a stand up shower in here.  I know I want a tile floor so I should probably wait to do the floor and shower at the same time??  Also i want to change up the medicine cabinet.  and of course there is that hole to patch and towel bars to hang.  So much more for such a small room!



Day 10 - The crazy week in October

Day 10 -

So that thing called life is really getting in the way of my intentions.  I feel good about my life right now so I don't want to dog it for a second.  This is ALWAYS a busy week.  School carnival, end of quarter, cake contest week with sports practices mixed in.  Last year I mastered it by preparing for it over the weekend before.  I did that again this year.  In fact, we needed to make the cakes 2 nights before because I planned.  it was so much better to do it this way!!  They got to spend the time doing what they wanted to do without being crazed from staying up too late.  it was good.  This is Lida's cake.  She came up with the concept and did everything except cover the cardboard herself.  Pretty good for a 9 year old!!  She didn't win but that wasn't why she was doing it.

I didn't get a picture of EJ's cake :(.  I forgot.  I only got Lida's picture because it was still there when we went in for the cake walk.  (gotta love an old fashioned carnival!!)

In my life this week.  I have kept my reading up.  I have not sewn but one night this week.  I will get back to it tonight, I hope.  I am going back to basics of it all though and reading the first book by Kari Chapin again.  Handmade marketplace  It is inspiring me to really look at my workplace to help me figure out what I want/need to do.  Also, to have some realistic expectations.  So again, I am giving myself the grace to set realistic intentions/goals.  By December 1, I will have some real goals in place and will be setting my sights on them.

Also, a fellow business owner whom I went to school with, is starting a woman's group to encourage one another.  That I am REALLY interested in.  I think it is the kind of REal life support I need.  Accountability, etc.

Have a fabulous weekend.  I will be reflecting more and more.  And sewing!