Three years!

So once upon a time, I wrote a post called One Year.  It was remembering our one year anny in our new(to us) house.  Here we are at 3 years now!  Wow!  The following was my list of items that I wanted to complete.  I was being super tough on myself because I hadn't painted a single thing well... I am super happy to say that I have completed a bunch of these things.  In true YHL style, I am going to cross out the items and comment on what is done.

Goals for the house:

Paint bedrooms. I have painted all the kids bedrooms.  Only have our master and the play/guest room yet to paint.  I think about this EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND!
Paint bathrooms(painted the master bath but still need to do the guest and kids bath)  The only thing left in the kids bathroom and I think about this EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND!
hang curtains in living room
paint living room
Paint dining room
Paint dining room built ins (Why am i paralyzed by built ins?)
Paint dining room fireplace brick (undecided about whether I really want to do this?)
Paint front doors
paint back doors (Should it be the same red as the front door or go with turquoise for fun?)
take hall closet door off and turn into a mini mud room(I love this idea but am afraid that we will miss the closet portion of the closet??)
Paint stairwell  Need to hang more art and finish the stairwell.  Have you seen what meg duerksen did at the craft house?  It is very cool.  She has only shown it on IG but wow, I love!  It would be a little crazy but oh so fun??  What do you think?
Fix drywall seams in guest room/playroom what do you do about a bad drywall job?  is it a complete bust or could you just cover it with knock down?  I hear of so many who want the texture off their walls so it seems like a silly thing to do but I am just not sure I have the expertise to tape the walls again and all of that dust!
hang curtains in front of master closets not sure I want curtains.  It isn't too dusty and our closet isn't messy?  only visually cluttered so maybe it would be good to have curtains.  I just think of what a pain to push them to the side?  Although when I look at this picture it sure isn't a neat and tidy place of relaxation, is it?
hang master bath door like a barn door to make more room i still want to do this but am scared of this task.  I think it will take some doing. hmmm...
paint vanity in master and kids bath We bought a new vanity for the kids bath.  it was one of those DIY out of necessity moments.  I painted the master vanity a dark gray and I love it.  it makes it ok for now.  It is really the wrong style for the sinks and mid century style of the bathroom but for now, it is ok.
replace master bath mirror with bigger mirror   I need to blog about this.  I am on the 3rd mirror set up.  The original was so tall that you could only see your face.  The second one was too short for 6'4" man.  So I shopped my old furniture.  I used a midcentury mirror from a vanity that we used in the old house.  it has been sitting at my in-laws since we put our old house on the market!  YIKES, i don't need to spread my clutter!  So I got it, brought it home, and figured out how to modify it.  I also had to figure out if I would paint it.  So far, i have not.  I only have a goofy picture that Lida thought was hilarious while she was helping me with it.  Not in the finished space.  But wouldnt you know I can't get it off of my phone?  Sometimes I am the most tech savvy and then other times no not so much.
change out master bath medicine cabinet door with one piece that actually closes.(I found a new medicine cabinet but I am not certain whether it fits the style.)
Hang sconces in master bedroom(you can see those in the closet clutter picture)
get  smaller fan for master bedroom(Funny, I think I know what this item is but am not really sure.  Do you do that?  Write something down that is so important to not even know what it means, two years later??)
replace lights in kid's bedrooms with fans or buy small desktop fans for rooms Lida's here and EJ's here.  I fixed Foster's and think I will leave it.  It is very fitting for the house and his room.  this is the view into his room.  You can kind of see the light fixture.  This picture is from our first tour of the house before we bought it.
Build out shelves in Lida's closet so she can get rid of dresser if she wants(this still sounds like a good idea.)
Oddly satisfying and making me feel like I have a lot done but always so much more to do!  I am DYING to start a kitchen reno in a bad bad way.  I am not painting the cabinets yet because the sides are made out of fake laminate.  The rest is solid wood.  It makes our kitchen so dated and old.  I really need to figure out what do do in here.

I have thought so much about painting the cabinets but don't want to waste my time if I am just going to replace them someday.  But what if some day is in 5 years!  Then I have the hideous vinyl floor.  The lighting is terrible.  It is nice to have a window in here but the last time it was renovated(80's) they put a bank of cabinets in front of the huge window.  It is just wrong.
hard to see in this photo but from the outside, you can see the back of the unfinished cabinets.

 if you look super close at that middle window, you can see a wooden view on the lower part of the window.  Not cute at all!  Changing a window or relocating are not included in my bag of tricks so I just walk on by for another day.

i really want to change the kitchen but I am afraid I just don't know where to start.

My garage is super clean.  I am getting our work area completely organized and I want to add making the laundry area cute as well.

OK, well that is my 3 year update on the house.



hello hello

so i have taken a two month break.  it was not planned.  I didn't do anything dramatic other than not blog.  Life has continued on.  We are still basically in the same spot but with more action/movement/growth.  I am still searching for satisfaction.  Are you too?  Maybe that has been my mistake all along?  thinking that everyone else or the majority had found satisfaction?  Have you?  I haven't and I am frustrated that I never will?  Do you feel that way?

So while I was away I did redo the bathroom on the kids level.  It started as all good DIY projects start.  one little thing to fix.  The drain was terribly slow so we started to try to plunge it.  This then turned into a weekly affair at least and I started to ask the kids not to spit in the sink!  Kind of hard when you are brushing your teeth!  So when we started to take apart the trap below the sink, well I noticed the pipe was cracked then we removed that and the goock was just thick and disgusting!  so then we started taking the ceiling with the big black circle in the garage apart to see if the sink was leaking.  No, it was the toilet leaking.  New wax ring was needed.  If you give a mouse a cookie...

So 2 weeks of the bathroom out of order.  I completely took apart the toilet.  I replaced all of the parts.  The flush valve, wax ring, bolts that hold the toilet in place, the seal between the tank and the bowl...  I felt pretty powerful and accomplished.  Then the flush valve was leaking and wouldn't quit.  So we had to take the tank off and figure it out.  I hadn't tightened the flush valve to the tank enough.  problem solved, whew!  Then I bought a new vanity and faucet from Lowes.  it was on sale for $189.
K and I demo'd and installed everything ourselves.  This was after we properly snaked the drain(I say we on this one but that was all K).  The bathroom looks so much better than it did before we did this.  This is the before below.  I will post the after with the new vanity.  I am going to paint the walls owl gray bu Benjamin Moore.  I have this in so much of my house and I love the clean, neutral feeling of it so much.  I am trying to decide if I will paint the mirror a dark gray or just leave it.  I will wait until after the walls are painted.

This bathroom needed so much help!  I am so glad that everything turned out for the best and that K and I were able to do it ourselves.  So satisfying!  Do you see the word I just used?  This is why I think I want to be a house flipper or do something with my hands.  it is satisfying.

I also have my varicose veins lasered.  That was freaky!  I wanted to do it for a long time.  I got clearance from my insurance company at the beginning of the year and then got it scheduled.  I have gone 3 times.  The first was the hardest.  I think they look better.  not sure you want to see pictures of that!

So thanks for stopping by.  I wanted to check in and let you know I was still here.  trudging along, plugging away.  Promise not to be gone for too long.




Lee's Blog

This girl.  I am so proud of her and her accomplishments.  her nakedness.  She is inspirational.  I have known her since the 7th grade.  I love her soul.  She knows me well.  We grew up together and we still get to share so much.  I miss her.  She lives far away from me.  Her commute is short so we don't talk on the phone.  the phone is how I communicate with my besties.  So we wait and it wells up and then we get together and just gab.  Last year, we got to spend a weekend in CO together at Brave Beauty.  It was great.  I love you Lee Wolfe Blum.  I will keep on reading.

JJ Heller

Love this so much.  She is great.  Listen and watch the video.

Sorry I have been so out of touch.  It was a great Christmas and Holiday break. i had so much fun surprising my kids with new treasures.  We spent great time with family and friends.  We had the flu for a bit but not too long.  Awesome break.  hard to come back but here I am...

Birthday is this week.  Having a bit of a down week, not sure what that is all about.

Peace and Love-



Preschool Program

Today is one of my most favorite things of the whole year!  PRESCHOOL PROGRAM.  When we switched F to the Montessori, I was worried that they wouldn't do the cute program thing.  Well I was wrong!  it is today and it is sure to be entertaining!  I tell F to sing so that I can actually hear him, last year he did this and yelled the whole song.  It was obnoxious but so dang cute/hilarious!  Hoping for a repeat performance.

L had her showcase this weekend.  She was awesome.  She is a born performer.  Not a self conscious bone in her body.  You only see her thinking on stage when she is uncertain of her physical placement.  I have a degree in acting performance so I do encourage her acting but...  and this is a big BUT!  I am not certain I would encourage her to pursue it.  It is such a heartbreaking industry full of disappointment and self confidence battles.  I stopped because I grew tired of the stress of it all.  It just didn't seem worth it.  So although I love that she is such a good performer, I also worry that she would choose this profession as her own.  It was so fun and so not fun.  It made me who I am today and I am grateful for that.  It instilled a confidence and excellent communication skills but I was sure glad I could do math also!  I was reminiscing with fellow college alum this past weekend that they need a semester in the theatre program where you explore what you really should be doing so when you are ready to hang it up, you know where to go next.  I still don't know what I should be when I grow up!
 New haircut and glasses

Line to see Santa Claus, very fun!

post Thanksgiving pies, YUMMY!!

cool fingernail polish

Well I hope you are all having a great week.  Mine has been great so far.  The best part??  Next week is shortened and then vacation for Christmas break.  We are not going anywhere but it will be sooooo nice to be home!



Happy Thanksgiving

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?  Well... We usually go to my brother's house or we have for the past 4 years but this year they are not feeling up to it.  I am sad.  I wish we could go as it always feels like a mini vacation.  Just getting away from our normal stuff feels good.  So I am hoping in the next 5 days to get away from normal.  I have the days off from work.  The kids have them off from school and K does too.  I am hoping to get some crafting done.  Lots of family time, maybe some games?  I want the kids to not be bored but I want to do things with our hands.  We are hosting but I am honestly not sweating it.  I want it to be nice but I don't want to stress because I know when I stress I bring everyone around me into my stress.  I also have not been doing the walk/run that I promised so I think this would be a good time to get that going.

I stumbled across Stephanie Ackerman's blog and boy oh boy does it make me want to journal.  Even doodle in my bible??  What??  I am thinking I will be giving this a try as it is so amazing what she does and she of course makes it look so easy.  I will let you know how it goes.  I am inspired to do this so I registered and I have the moleskin in my amazon cart!

have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I hope it is full of fun, peace, calm, rest and family.

Love!  -W


parenting strategy

So I saw a strategy today that reminded me of what K and I do often.  A little girl at volleyball was really acting up.  They are 9 so starting to get all of those hormones raging and then you just never know how tired they are.  These girls on their best behavior can be tough to navigate.  Throw in being tired, getting over being sick or on the verge of being sick, not eating a proper meal, etc.  All things that happen even if you happen to be the SUPER MOM.  They just happen.

Back to my story, she was on the court pitching a major one.  Crying, hunched, so upset!  Her mom is a coach so she is kind of stuck where she can't pull her daughter and take her outside.  Well... Thankfully there was dad to step in.  He took her to the side and asked her the basic tough questions about her behavior.  He turned her around.  It is just amazing to me to watch.  We do it all the time in our house too.  But what it really got me thinking about was how do the single parents do it?  They have to get awesome at changing tactics.  Or do their kids adapt?  I bet it is a mixture of both.  Regardless, my hats off to them.  I know how hard it is and I have a co-captain!

It made me so thankful for my situation.  I have an equal partner in this thing called parenting.  When one of us is exhausted the other sends them off to take a nap or just sit down.  It is so nice to have that balancing partner.

Thanks K!  Love you!  -W

Nothing to do with the post but isnt it beautiful??  Wow.  (thanks Anne LaMott, now I know what to say!)


Anne LaMott - Small Victories

I took my mom to see Anne LaMott on Wednesday for her birthday.  It was a spur of the moment decision to buy the tickets and then they came with a copy of her book so it made it an easier decision.  It was lovely.  We had a nice dinner just the two of us and then walked a few blocks to a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright church.  There were about 800 of us.  I couldn't believe how many people were there.  She is hilarious and so honest.  She has no filter.  She said it was all because of age that she doesn't care anymore what people think of her.  I love her frankness.  You know where she stands.  she stopped in the middle of speaking to see if someone in one of the front rows would clean her glasses.  She said, "you know how that is." and then once they were cleaned, "ahh, that is so much better, thanks."  Her book, "Small Victories" is all about how there are so many moments of grace to be enjoyed in our lives.  She took us through the history of how the book came to be.  The process by which it evolved.  So interesting.  She said that crying waters the earth and who knows what seed a bird has dropped that you might be watering.  I love that.  Then someone asked her what seed might be waiting to sprout and she said she didn't know.  She was so honest that she had no idea what was next.  She said she knows what is happening in November and then after that... no idea!  Ha, I love that to.

Awkward picture of me and her.  I told her it was my mom's birthday and she drew a birthday cake with a candle in my mom's book.  I love you Anne LaMott.  Thanks for putting yourself out there.  Thanks for seeing the beauty in the everyday and talking about it.  Thanks for making prayer so simple.